Rising from the ashes

Phoenix-like? maybe?  Ras Mbisi is no more, sadly the entire lodge burnt to the ground at the beginning of November, the owner/manager has left the country and staff haven’t been paid since October, they are now jobless in an area with no jobs, at all.  I’ve had one after another contact me on facebook for a reference because the most recent employer won’t issue references.  I’m not going to lie, I am highly skeptical of ‘accidental’ fires.  Especially when I consider the ethics of those involved, if you can hack into personal emails & private messages or stab someone in the back who rescued you and your belongings and fed and housed you for 2 years then you are capable of anything really.

Mind you the fact that re-building has been taken off the table makes me wonder about the insurance, none? won’t pay out? paid out but cutting losses?  Who knows, and finally I can say, who cares…. Ras Mbisi’s burning down seems to have done what ‘selling up*’ didn’t – it’s given closure, it’s gone.

It’s sad that our ‘legacy’ has gone, but I think we can move on now and that can only be good.


  • We were forced into selling up by our landlord and our water sports manager who connived together behind our backs exchanging info on our precarious financials (recession, getting through said recession took everything we had, we were ‘just’ getting on our feet again)
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