The Referendum

Or, the biggest decision of our generation.  Yet most people still don’t know how they are going to vote.  Both campaigns have been horrific, both sides lie and manipulate.

Anyone who knows me, who sees my FB posts knows that I believe staying IN is the right choice, just as they can tell you which political party I support.  I don’t buy the English stance of politics being private, not for me.  What others do is their own affair, but I will shout loud and clear.  Not because I think everyone should agree with me, not because I want people to change their beliefs, not because I think I have all the answers, but because I do believe in standing up for what I believe.

The OUT or BREXIT supporters would have all the undecided believe that the Remainers don’t understand that the EU is a faceless unelected, bureaucratic machine.  That it sometimes overrides our Governments laws – the reality is that SOME things should be beyond politics and government ideology.  Workers rights, freedom of movement, human rights, things like that, because otherwise we just bounce between Tory and Labour governments changing/tinkering with our rights, we need to know that we can have paid holiday, maternity leave, paternity leave, the right to not be discriminated against if we are female, black, gay, transgender, poor, rich, somewhere inbetween.

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