Is it just me…..

Anyone else notice a general lack of tolerance of others, extreme judgementalism (i know it’s not a word –  for the pendants), a me me me mentality these days?  It seems to be pretty universal rather than just a few isolated weirdo’s.  From the single 30-something women who see nothing wrong in targeting married men with children because they are ready to have kids and sod the existing family, to those that regard anyone who has re-produced as stupid and selfish because children might interfere with the child-frees right to have nothing in the way of their having a good time (on a plane, in a restaurant etc – this is on sight of children rather than said children having actually misbehaved in anyway).  People getting annoyed and self-righteous about smokers sitting at outside pub/restaurant/cafe tables and SMOKING, people daring to believe in god/going to church (fyi I gave up smoking 2 years ago and I’ve never been a church goer/don’t believe in god – I’m just tolerant of others).  Oh and how about those that are sooo special that they are always late, why is your time more important than mine?


I really would love to know, what makes these people believe they are so special that everyone should do things their way?  Oh and fyi ladies, when a man marries his mistress, a vacancy occurs – leopards don’t change spots and you are not so special that it won’t happen to you.



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