It’s been a while…

Things have been happening, many, many things.  First up, I got my husband back, the lodge is sold and my beloved Jonny is back with us.  Living apart for 18 months having spent the preceding 7 years or so living in each others pockets 24/7 was to be blunt fucking terrible.  That said, the terrible way in which the buyers behaved during the sale did not make losing our blood sweat and tears business easy.  But hey, karma, karma WILL get them (with a little help 🙂 ) I won’t go into the duplicity shown by my so-called oldest ‘friend’.

In other news, we’re moving onwards and upwards, loving living here in our new home, loving having electricity and  water when I want it, loving living close to town, loving my hotchpotch of a lifestyle, working for ‘the man’ (JLR), and buying and selling vintage crockery and homewares.  Loving seeing my girls blossom at school (and in particular loving having proved people wrong when it comes to the years of homeschooling).  Most of all appreciating every single day how lucky we are, we lived our dream (and got out before TZ really becomes a hellhole – esp for tourism those new taxes are gonna HURT)and we are a united family, none of those that trod on us have that, none of them are capable of holding down a relationship because they must always come first no matter the cost, it’s going to be a long, cold, sad and lonely old age my ‘friends’.

I can’t tell you just how bitter I was at first, but I’ve brushed myself down and got on with it, and so far, I’m winning.

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2 Responses to It’s been a while…

  1. Jack says:

    Dear Michelle,

    It is sad to hear Ras Mbisi is now under new ownership. My wife and I are thinking of visiting Mafia Island for our honeymoon and we’re now thinking we should look at other options.

    If you have a moment, we would really appreciate your recommendations.

    jak_willow at yahoo dot com

    All the best wishes and good luck settling back in to the UK,

    • Oh my goodness, so sorry to have missed this comment! Most of the lovely staff from Ras Mbisi have moved on, they weren’t happy with the new owners sadly – Ras Mbisi itself is no longer what it was, as to recommendations Ras Kutani is AMAZING! As is Pongwe on Zanzibar, if you’re set on Mafia then Butiama is a good solid choice in my opinion. I hope your honeymoon is fabulous.

      Thank you for the good wishes xx

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