Cheap Food

I’ve wittered on about saving money on food shopping, prices going up out of the blue but in an about face I now need to talk about what should cost.  Cheap food is generally cheap for a reason, I don’t buy value or basics meat and fish, ever.  If I can’t afford quality meat and fish, we go without.  Thankfully my children aren’t fussy about eating vegetables!!  To put it simply, we eat less but better meat.  We eat a lot of veggie bakes, pasta dishes, risottos, homemade veggie burgers, sandwiches for school packed lunches are tuna mayo or good cheddar grated and mixed with onion, herbs and mayo (and yes, I make my own mayo, from good eggs).  I’m not perfect, sometimes we give in and have that takeaway with meat/fish of unknown provenance – but we try not to, and actually eating this way is cheaper, and you really appreciate the meat or fish when you do have it

Are we happy to buy poor quality meat? As long as it’s cheap, the public doesn’t  complain. But how much water is in that mince? And the addition of brine and meat extracts to chicken and other meats — is that okay with you?  That fish stocks are low and yet the demand for fish rapidly disappearing from our oceans is growing, should we not be trying to eat lesser known but plentiful fish, or sustainably farmed fish?

One of my big dreams is to organise food raves – remember raves? 90s ‘parties’, but with amazing locally, sustainably sourced and produced food,  served up at source, so on farms, beaches, in fish markets, village halls and the like with lots of dancing and laughter thrown in – I think it could be fab.

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