I’m not actually sure I have the words to describe the shame I feel right now, the shame of being British and living in a country where a woman with mental health issues was driven to thrown herself under a lorry.  Why?  Because she was pushed over the edge at the thought of leaving her home as she couldn’t find an extra £20 a week for the so-called ‘Bedroom Tax’.  Shame that a young woman had to leave her job as her employer (the government) was unwilling to offer child-care friendly shifts, that she had to feed herself and her child on £10 a week, sell everything she owned just to keep a roof over her head, that she has dragged herself from penury without any help fills me with so much admiration.  Read really, she is amazing.

Both the above cases reflect the problems that Conservative Policy has wrought upon Britain, Right to Buy and the lack of foresight shown when NONE of the money raised was used to build new social housing, the ‘Bedroom Tax’ when there aren’t the smaller properties available for people to move to.  IDS and his rampant stupidity, his belief that it’s ok that people have to rely on the charity of food banks and kindly volunteers so that people can feed themselves.  That they allow Amazon, Starbucks, Tescos et al to pay minimum wage, not pay taxes and generally wreck the country.

I am not for one minute advocating that the able should not look after themselves, that people shouldn’t work, that they shouldn’t make do and mend.  BUT, the lack of jobs, the looking after the boys, the tax dodging, the banks that we bailed out as a country still paying massive bonuses, the zero hour contracts, all of these add up to a country that has collapsed.  They add up to people not being able to look after themselves, no matter what the bigoted, ignorant ranters might say  read the comments, I felt quite ill reading some.

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