Life (gets in the way)

Just monotonous, boring, humdrum every day STUFF!  Packed lunches for school, car breaking down, laundry (never bl**dy ending laundry), bills, work you name it, it’s got in the way of planning and fun.  Plans are afoot for the Easter break, fun in the form of a road trip with my girls to Kent, bootfairs, easter egg hunts and lots of wine and laughter with Chris, my partner in crime from the Ramsgate days – afternoons of bunking off to drink wine, play games with the kids in the garden, plot decorating schemes and parties – oh I’m looking forward to that.

In the meantime – it is official, I am on a diet and exercise regime a recent photo scared the living daylights out of me.  I was very aware of being overweight, but it was like a light bulb, I am not an attractive fatty, some people are, some look youthful, the plumpness smoothing out lines, me, not so much, just fat.  It has got to go!  So, walking everywhere possible, pilates and a little weight training, no booze, reduction of carbs (not complete absence of them), lots of veg and protein.  No sugar or refined carp and a lot less on the plate.  Apart from anything else, all the lovely clothes I can’t wear are pushing me to just sort it out.

And a little part of me is nudging, my life might actually sort itself out if I lose the bloody weight!

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