A Wedding

Last month one of my oldest friends (oldest as in how long I’ve known her) got married, this wasn’t just ANY Wedding.  This was a production, a gorgeous, charming, wonderful production.  They married at The Dorchester, this was such a treat for her old school friends, most of whom are working mothers who NEVER get to go out!  Champagne, posh Chinese food at China Tang in the basement of the hotel.  It was however nearly the Wedding that never was, and not down to changes of heart/mind on the happy couples behalf either.  This was the weekend of SNOW.

White Wedding!


Quite literally!  When the snow started to fall on the ImageFriday, I panicked.  One of my oldest friends from school was due to be married on Saturday afternoon, 2 hours travel from where i live in Warwickshire.  In London to be exact, at The Dorchester on Park Lane.  


Middle child was vey excited about the snow, eldest not so much (hates being cold) the small evil one just confused, having never seen it before she was mystified by this cold, wet white stuff.  The roads around us were impassable from mid-day until late evening, and our driveway was perilous until Saturday morning.  However, as luck would have it, trains WERE running, the relief when i got on-board the 12:09 to Marylebone was wonderful!


The Wedding:  Oh, so wonderful, so much love, so much fun.  So good to see friends, real ones, friends who ‘get you’, 

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